Lime Tree parents deserve to save money

Don't be fooled by our competitor's 'Dirty Tricks' campaign.

We've recently been told that the current uniform supplier at Lime Tree Primary Academy is trying to stop parents having a choice about where they buy school uniforms. They've even launched a 'dirty tricks' campaign, claiming things about our uniform that aren't true.

Let's clear up the facts:

  1. We're offering EXACTLY THE SAME JUMPER & CARDIGAN, from the same manufacturer as the existing uniform supplier.
  2. We sell the cardigan at £3-5 CHEAPER & the jumper £1-2 CHEAPER. It's covered by the O&B Guarantee, promising that we'll beat our competitor on price.
  3. The law & government policy both say PARENTS SHOULD HAVE A CHOICE about where they buy school uniforms. We agree! Choice means competition, which means more money in your pocket.
Christian McAleenan

Our Founder, Christian, put it this way: "I started Owl & Badger because I know we can offer parents better value for money on school uniforms. They have a right to choose between suppliers. Let's show the Competition that parents have had enough of being forced to pay more for no good reason!"