Springfield Primary School Parents

We think parents get value for money when they can choose where they buy school uniform.

For instance, Owl & Badger is up to 50% cheaper than the competition!

If you want more choice (and lower prices) email the school & get things moving.

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When it comes to school uniform, we believe parents get the best value for money when they have choice. After all, more competition drives down prices & drives up quality.

Parents should be free to buy where they want. Both the Department for Education & the Competition and Markets Authority think so.

As a local school uniform retailer, Owl & Badger is keen to sell Springfield Primary School Uniform alongside the current supplier. Not only would we offer another option to parents, but we know that we're cheaper & more convenient.

You don’t need to work in school wear to know that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work.  So lend us your support and contact Springfield to ask them to meet with us to discuss Owl & Badger selling Springfield Primary School Uniform.

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We’re Convenient!

Our website was designed from the ground up with busy parents in mind. Our service is easy to use – order on the go or on your sofa, whatever works best for you

We’re Cheaper!

We always try to be competitive on price. Comparing us against the current supplier we’re up to 50% cheaper. Check out our Springfield Uniform page to see what we could do if parents could buy form us.


We Believe in Quality!

We already work closely with the brands that provide Springfield’s jumpers, polos and accessories. Together we plan to deliver product improvements to get your child the best.