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Contribute to Mum's the Word

Mum’s the Word is part of our platform that we make available to guest bloggers who have direct experience of caring for a child and whose views our audience may find interesting.

Despite the name, you don’t need to be a mum to contribute.  We’re open to all parents or guardians and welcome dads, grandparents and everyone in between. If you care for a child, you’re in with a shot.

For now we’re looking for established bloggers who can demonstrate they have an online presence already.  In time we may open the space up to others.

In terms of content, the world is your oyster. It must be relevant to primary school parents, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be about school, and it certainly doesn’t need to focus on school uniform. You will need to provide images, but we can talk about that should we choose to run with your idea.

Please don’t get in contact if you’re simply advertising a business, product or service.  In terms of links we’re happy to include them if they are ‘editorial’ in nature. We cannot guarantee that they won't be ‘NoFollow’.

If all of the above sounds good, drop us a note using the form below.  If your idea is of interest, we’ll be in touch.

Good Luck!