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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids 2019 - Some Classic Fancy Dress you can make at home!

The evenings are drawing in, the temperature is starting to fall. Half term has been and gone! That's right, it's mid-October and Halloween is right around the corner.

To get you ready for the imminent round of trick or treating, parties and general dressing up, we've brought together some of the best Halloween costume ideas out there and put together a guide to making them at home.

Check out our below guide to classic homemade, DIY Halloween fancy dress.

Ghostly Ghost

What’s more traditional when it comes to Halloween fancy dress than the classic ‘white sheet ghost’?  Here’s how to make it, with a few hacks to make it that bit better…

You will need:

  1. A white sheet;
  2. An old, white or lightly coloured brimless hat such as a beanie;
  3. Safety pins or needle and thread;
  4. Black marker pen; and
  5. Scissors


    1. Place the sheet over your child and mark on the sheet a dot with the marker pen on top of their head (try to make the dot a small and light as possible);
    2. Ask your child to show you where his or her eyes are from under the sheet and draw little dots on the sheet at these points. Be careful not to poke them in the eye!
    3. If the sheet is long, mark around the bottom of the sheet where it meets the floor.
    4. Take the sheet off them and attach the hat to the sheet, lining up the black dot marking the centre of your child’s head with the centre of the hat. Secure the sheet to the hat with safety pins or by sewing it in place.
    5. Use the scissors to cut out eye holes in the sheet where you marked your child’s eyes.
    6. Finally cut around the sheet where it met the floor. To give a more goulish impression, cut in jagged zig zags. The sheet should meet the floor to give a ‘floating’ effect, but don’t make it too long or your little one may trip!

    With thanks to Super Mom Hacks for the image and tips!

    Simple Skeleton

    This super simple costume can be put together in minutes. The ultimate last minute costume idea on a budget…

    You will need:

    1. A set of black under clothes (e.g. long sleeve top such as sweatshirt and black bottoms such as jogging bottoms or leggings);
    2. Black gloves;
    3. A print out of a skull mask (click here for a bigger version of the above or here for similar options);
    4. Glue;
    5. Elastic;
    6. A couple of rolls of adhesive white tape that will stick to clothing; and
    7. Scissors


    1. Print off and cut out your skull mask, preferably in a rigid card (if you can’t print onto card directly, print on paper and stick to waste cardboard such as from a cereal packet, using the paper as a stencil).
    2. Cut out eye and mouth holes in the mask.
    3. Roughly measure out a length of elastic from one side of your child’s head, starting at their temple, around the back of their head to the other temple. Then take that elastic and glue either end to the back of the mask. Once dry get your child to try it on for size. The elastic should be comfortable and not too tight.
    4. Apply the tape to the black underclothes to mark out a skeleton. Google some images of a skeleton as a guide and try to be as elaborate as you can. If your child has the patience for it, ask him or her to wear the clothes while you add the tape so you can work out where to place the tape.

    Mini Mummy

    Mummy Kids Costume DIY

    It’s not Halloween if there isn’t an Egyptian Mummy nearby.  They are also easy to create, though you’ll need a child happy to stand still for five minutes.

    You will need:

    1. A white t-shirt and white shorts or bottoms;
    2. Toilet paper;
    3. Cheap bandages;
    4. White face paint (optional);
    5. Sellotape; and
    6. Scissors
    7. Bonus – red fake blood.


    1. Get your child to change into the t-shirt and shorts or bottoms;
    2. Apply white face paint to their face and hands if using;
    3. Wrap them in a mix of bandages and toilet paper. Don’t worry if the odd piece becomes ripped and hangs off them a little – this will add to the impression. Use the sellotape to secure the bandages and paper in place.
    4. Bonus – to give a dash of gore to the costume try drawing a dash of fake blood from the corner of your child’s mouth.

    Robot Family

    While not exactly a mainstay of Halloween this idea is very cute and works well for an individual child, siblings or, indeed, the whole family.  You’ll need time (and an account with Amazon). Many thanks to Tell Love and the Party for the inspiration…

    You will need;

    1. A set of black under clothes (e.g. long sleeve top such as sweatshirt and black bottoms such as jogging bottoms or leggings);
    2. Cardboard boxes (you’ll needs lots of cardboard – either use stuff from your own recycling or nip down to a supermarket and ask if they have any going spare)
    3. Elastic (used for the arms and upper thigh pieces)
    4. Coloured Paint (just cheap wall paint from B&Q)
    5. Silver Spray Paint
    6. Plastic yoghurt pots, ramekins, and plastic tops
    7. Foil Tape (like this)
    8. Hot Glue Gun(and glue)
    9. Aluminium Flex Pipe (optional)


    1. Select boxes that fit over the head and body.
    2. For the ‘helmet’ piece pick out an appropriately sized box, turn upside down and cut off the box flaps. Finnally cut out eye holes.
    3. For the main body piece cut out arm holes and a neck hole. The method used by Tell Love and the Party uses a ‘diaper’ which looks great, but can be hard to make.  We recommend selecting a longer ‘body’ box that goes from shoulder to hip, but it’s up you want to be adventurous, feel free to follow their instructions instead.
    4. To make the lower arm and lower leg pieces cut out cardboard and bend with the grain of the board three times, taping together with the aluminium tape so it forms a long open ended box. For decoration add tape along each of the bends.  Do this four times, making the leg pieces longer than the arm pieces.
    5. For the upper arm and leg pieces cut out a piece of cardboard that wraps two thirds around your arm or thigh. Then using the glue add an elastic loop so the whole piece fits comfortable, but snugly around your arm or leg.
    6. As an alternative to the arm pieces you may wish to use aluminium flex pipe. Measure out lengths appropriate to your limbs and use elastic to link the arms to the body piece (or glue them directly to each other).
    7. For the decoration paint each piece in your chosen colour and spray your plastic tops and tubs with silver paint. Do so outside where there is plenty of ventilation and use newspaper under everything to avoid spills etc. Leave everything to dry thoroughly. Once dry, add silver tape and glue the silver plastic bits to create a robot look.
    8. Now attach using elastic to link the arm pieces to each other and then to the body piece (unless you’re using flex pipe). Remember you need enough flex to get in and out of your costume.

    Baby Spider

    DIY Fancy Dress Spider for Children at Halloween

    We had to include this one as it works very well for small kids and babies. It’s also fairly straight forward.  We were inspired by Brandy at (whose little spider is featured above), so lots of thank yous to her!

    You will need:

    1. A set of black under clothes (e.g. long sleeve top such as sweatshirt and black bottoms such as jogging bottoms or leggings);
    2. black stocking cap (like this one);
    3. women’s long black socks (two pairs)
    4. 2 eyeballs (stickers are fine)
    5. black gloves or mittens
    6. tissue, plastic bags or newspaper
    7. a little bit of black ribbon or string
    8. Hot glue gun(and glue) or a needle and thread


    1. Stuff each sock with tissue, paper or whatever you are using to stuff each sock with.
    2. Glue or sew each sock to the back of your black top giving it now six arms (or legs!) including the original arm sleeves.
    3. With a piece of black ribbon or string link each arm with the one above it on either side of the shirt.
    4. Take 2 eyeballs and attach to front of the hat with hot glue or simply attach if using stickers.
    5. Dress your spider (don’t forget the mittens)!

    Have you seen some cool costumes this Halloween?  Have you made a few yourself?  Why not tell about them in the comments below or share a photo of them with us on Facebook or Twitter!