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Owl & Badger Write...

  • Us & Covid19

    In light of recent events we thought we’d put out a brief update on Coronavirus & how we’re responding.  Obviously, school uniform will not be...
  • Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids 2019 - Some Classic Fancy Dress you can make at home!

    Get ready for the imminent round of trick or treating, parties and general dressing up around Halloween with our costume guide. We've brought together some of the best costume ideas out there for you to look over.
  • A Matter of Choice | Parents shouldn't need deep pockets to buy school uniform

    School Uniform brings schools together, helps children prepare for later life & provides many other benefits. However, it is also pricey, substandard quality or both. We think its time we talk about why and what can be done about it.
  • How Much School Uniform Do You Need?

    As parents start thinking about the kids going back to school, we’ve put down a few tips & tricks on what they should be thinking about, what they may want to buy & what they probably don’t need.
  • Hello There!

    We want to take the hassle out of buying your child’s school uniform, increasing choice and delivering good value for money.  Here are a few lines on how we plan to do it...